Agricultural producers in rural areas to access financial literacy program in Peru

LIMA, PERU - FEBRERO- 20-  Productores Agropecuarios de Quinua en Puno 
 Foto: Andina/ Juan Carlos Chávez

08:00 | Lima, Feb. 17.

Banco Agropecuario (agricultural bank) and the National Tambos Program will implement a financial literacy program this year to empower 2,250 small producers from 58 isolated communities in the highlands and jungle areas.

Beneficiaries will obtain financing and build financial management capacity.

This is possible thanks to a deal between both institutions, whose details were revealed in a ceremony led by Development and Social Inclusion Minister Cayetana Aljovin and Agrobanco's Chairman Richard Hale.

On the matter, Aljovin noted the initiative responds to the need to bring State services closer to citizens, mainly those living in the country's most remote rural areas.

These comprehensive platforms, she continued, are taking a new turn to provide all State services in line with President Kuczynski's government policy of building a State that functions well in the service of its citizens.

The financial literacy program will be conducted by accredited facilitators at Tambos facilities, comprehensive platforms that bring State services closer to rural communities.

Financial inclusion and literacy will aid not only agricultural producers, but users from social programs like Juntos, Pension 65 and Haku Wiñay.

"Economic inclusion is one of the pillars of the Incluir para Crecer (Include to Grow) strategy. We want our citizens to know about financial issues. This way, they will get rid of intermediaries and will access services to improve their income and business on their own," she pointed out.

According to Agrobanco's General Manager, 1,125 small producers with entrepreneurial potential will obtain financing to carry out productive activities in their towns.


Published: 2/17/2017