Peru Gov't launches Las Bambas influence area development plan

12:55 | Lima, Feb. 16.

Peruvian Executive Branch representatives met with Cotabambas province (Apurimac region) Mayor Odilon Huanaco to launch "Cotabambas Development Plan," the Transport and Communications Ministry informed.

The initiative will guarantee the development of Las Bambas mining venture ensuring qualitative growth across Cotabambas, the mine's influence area.

According to the Ministry, all Executive Branch sectors and Apurimac region's province municipality fully support the beginning of execution of the Plan's projects and activities.

Likewise, they reaffirmed their readiness to articulate efforts to ensure sustainable development for Cotabambas province and its districts. 

Cotabambas Development Plan is a package of over 200 investment projects in key sectors, such as infrastructure, electrification, sanitation, housing, health, education, employment and social programs.
The initial proposal was presented to Cotabambas residents in December 2016 through informative workshops.

The plan has since been supplemented by 133 new project requests through technical meetings with mayors of Cotabambas (province and district), as well as districts Haquira, Mara, Coyllurqui and Challhuahuacho.

Ongoing, transparent communication with the population also contributed to enhancing the plan.  


The meeting was chaired by Mirian Morales, Socio-Environmental Affairs Director-General at the Transport and Communications Ministry, and counselor Carlos Estremadoyro. 

Cotabambas province municipal authorities, as well as representatives from the Ministries of Environment, Health, Education, Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Agriculture and Irrigation, Development and Social Inclusion, Energy and Mines, as well as Labor and Employment Promotion also joined the gathering.

Las Bambas

Las Bambas is one of the most important mining projects undertaken in the country and is expected to become one of the largest global producers of copper.

It has an ore reserve of 7.2 million tons of copper and a mineral resource of 12.6 million tons. It is expected to produce more than 2 million tons of copper in concentrate in its first five years.


Published: 2/16/2017