Peru Ambassador hands over credentials to OAS

Peruvian Ambassador to OAS presents credentials

Peruvian Ambassador to OAS presents credentials

15:10 | Washington D.C., Oct. 25.

The new Ambassador of Peru to the Organization of American States Ana Rosa Valdivieso on Tuesday presented credentials to OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro in Washington D.C.

In remarks during the ceremony, Ambassador Valdivieso expressed Peru's will to continue to support principles governing the organization, and to strengthen political dialogue leading to concrete action.

"Our country has been guided permanently by a spirit of unity and conciliation in the Hemisphere," she said.

She went on to add Peru "will continue to promote the definitive consolidation of democracy in the region and continue to promote dialogue in a climate of peace."

The diplomat also underlined her country's commitment to integration in the region and to democracy.

“The government of my country has reiterated that the full access into democracy requires absolute respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms, the right to freely participate in political life and due process, as well as the full guarantee of the separation and balance of powers,” she stated.

On the other hand, Secretary-General Almagro highlighted Peru's role in the defense of OAS fundamental values and its international engagement.

“Peru is a very active country in the international arena, with strong ties within the Inter-American system, but also with Asia, Europe and Africa,” the 53-year-old said.

“The presence of Peru is always powerful, is crucial, is always a strong factor within the group of Latin America and the Caribbean,” he added.

Corresponding ceremony took place at OAS Headquarters.


The Organization of American States brings together all 35 independent States of the Americas and constitutes the main political, juridical, and social governmental forum in the Hemisphere.

In addition, it has granted permanent observer status to 69 States, as well as to the European Union (EU).

The Organization uses a four-pronged approach to effectively implement its essential purposes, based on main pillars: democracy, human rights, security, and development.


Published: 10/25/2016