Public-private sectors efforts needed to turn Peru into OECD member



16:34 | Lima, Oct. 23.

It is essential for private and public sectors to join efforts with the purpose of turning Peru into an Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) member, Peru's Exporters Association (Adex) Chairman Juan Varilias Velasquez considered.

He went on to add Peru needs to take quantitative and qualitative measures to become a full OECD member.

Currently, the OECD relies on 34 members accounting for 70% of global market.

Since 1961, the OECD advises its member countries in public policies improvement, so that they are able to experience economic, social and environmental changes.

In South America, Chile was the first country to become an OECD member (2010).
The organization monitors different events. Thus, it launches medium- and long-term projections, information which is analyzed and then discussed by different committees.

Diagnosis for Peru

Varilias pointed out an OECD diagnosis described Peru as a geographically-diverse country that requires policies designed for specific needs of each city and region.
Thus, he said such organization recommends regional or sector policies to establish preconditions, in terms of resource allocation, capacity development and coordination mechanisms.


Published: 10/23/2016