Foreign press highlights Mistura’s contribution to Peruvian pride

Adolfo Perret estuvo en el 5x5 de Mistura. Foto: Difusión

17:02 | Lima, Sep. 10.

Journalists from different foreign media outlets said Mistura continues to amaze them with its flavors and aromas, and noted organizers’ decision to continue bringing producers, small-scale fishermen and cooks together in this ninth edition.

On an interview he gave to the local magazine, Somos, Spanish Fernando Gimeno said he has spent four years covering Mistura for EFE —an international news agency in Spain— and affirmed its strong convening power has always impressed him.

“The event takes place despite the fairground is not easy to reach for most people. They just go wherever it goes, not matter how much they have to spend on transportation or other details, they always come,” he said.

The story also gathered impressions of Italian Paula Chartroux, a journalist at RAI TV, who feels captivated on her first time at the fair. 

“There were some flavors I didn’t expect; I think it’s very nice that producers are involved, and to find different options such as bars and street food [trucks]. There are many things to see and taste. There is no such a thing in Italy,” said Chartroux, who is currently in Lima shooting a documentary on Peruvian food.

This ninth edition has drawn about 200 journalists from 30 countries, including Japan, Korea and Great Britain. Besides, more than 500 local reporters cover the event as well.

They visit over 180 stalls to taste the most delicious dishes from Peru’s coast, highlands and rainforest, and explore stands of 300 farmers and producers that came from all over the country to showcase their products at Lima´s Costa Verde seashore.

Korea’s Arirang TV has also visited the international festival. This media outlet focused on the conferences, daily held by renowned Peruvian, Mexican, Thai, Moroccan and Indonesian chefs at Apega’s Gran Auditorio (Grand Auditorium).

News agencies like EFE, Reuters, AP, DPA, AFP, as well as important networks like Televisa, Telemundo, RCN, Univision, Folha, Canal Sony, Expresso, and journalists from Latam and Avianca airlines have been covering the event to make documentaries, reports and articles about Mistura.

Organized by Peruvian Gastronomy Association (Apega), the fair has generated about 2000 direct and 10000 indirect jobs this year.

Published: 9/10/2016