Peru: Qali Warma program highlighted at international level

FAO resalta trabajo conjunto de Qali Warma. Foto: Difusión

13:35 | Lima, Sep. 01.

The government-run National Qali Warma School Food Programme was considered an innovative model due to the co-management articulately carried out by State officials and children's parents.

This work favors over 3 million initial and elementary school students, who attend public educational centers nationwide.

International experts and school food program officials, who arrived in Lima from several Latin American countries, highlighted the active participation of both players. This collaboration represents the strength for the proper program functioning.

U.N. World Food Programme Representative in Colombia (WFP) Jamy Pedraza affirmed the Qali Warma co-management model has led to the joint participation of parents and of the entire school community.

Likewise, she underlined the coverage, which reaches out to remote indigenous villages, while respecting their customs and integrating food to culture.

During her visit to Virgen de Fatima State Educational Institution, located in the Lima’s peripheral Independencia district, the Colombian Official and Qali Warma Executive Director Mónica Moreno were able to witness the foodstuff distribution, hygiene protocols, the program supervisors intervention and parental surveillance to make sure the food arrives where needed.

The Director for School Nutrition and Health at the Ministry of Education of Panama, Flavia Montes, also took part in the tour. The official remarked the parents' strong commitment. It shows the population is taking control of the program, she said.


Published: 9/1/2015