Peru: Biometric passports, requirement for Schengen Visa Exemption

LIMA,PERÚ-14 ENERO .Tramites para sacar  pasaporte en el local de Migraciones Foto: ANDINA/Norman Córdova

01:24 | Lima, Jun. 01.

The biometric passport constitutes a requirement for the Schengen Visa exemption program to be fully consolidated and therefore favor Peruvian citizens, who want to enter the Eurozone for short stays.

“This is an important subject, due to security reasons [for the European authorities] to learn, for example, how many Juan Perez [common name in Peru] are allowed to travel. [In this sense], the biometric passports will be a requirement for the agreement to enter into force,” European Union Ambassador to Peru Irene Horejs told Andina news agency.

From November 2015, Peru will start to issue the first biometric passports with the intention of accelerating the visa exemption process consolidation.

Thus, the Finance Ministry has already allocated corresponding funds for the first batch of passport to be issued by the National Superintendence of Migrations.


Published: 6/1/2015