BBC's documentary on Chimor culture captures world's attention

Photo: Chan Chan special project

Photo: Chan Chan special project

14:42 | Trujillo, Feb. 10 (ANDINA).

Peru’s Chimor culture and the mud citadel of Chan Chan captured the world’s attention thanks to a documentary premiered at the British Broadcasting Network (BBC); La Libertad’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Chamber reported Monday.
The documentary film  “Kingdom of the Desert: Wealth and power in Chimor, and the value of a distinctive seashell” was recorded last year in the northern deserts of coastal Peru.

It was directed by Dr Jago Cooper and recounted the rise and fall of Chimor culture (1100 – 1500 AD), which stands as the first South America’s empire.

The prime-time television documentary was aired by BBC Four at 21:00 hours (London time) and had an hour-long without commercials, thus having a double impact on more than one million viewers.

Indeed, the episode is part of the special ”Lost Kingdoms of South America” which shows the outstanding history of South America’s ancient civilizations. 

The expectations were high as BBC’s documentaries are characterized by their historical accuracy embodied in cinematographic passages.


Published: 2/4/2013