Dinosaur molar found in Peruvian Amazon region

Photo: Andina/Alberto Pintado.

Photo: Andina/Alberto Pintado.

16:12 | Bagua Grande, Jan. 07 (ANDINA).

A molar of a dinosaur was found half-buried in the province of Utcubamba, located in Peru's Amazon region.
The 400-gram tooth was discovered by a farmer in an area containing dinosaur, snail and mollusk fossils.

According to studies, Utcubamba Valley, which includes Bagua Grande, Cajaruro, Huarangopampa, La Papaya, el Valor and is part of Bagua, was probably covered by a large lake in the Tertiary period. 

Some fossils remains are on display in Utcubamba's Ministry of Culture museum, which is led by Carlos Jimenez Gonzales.


Published: 1/7/2013