Peru's poverty rate drops to 27.8% in 2011

Photo: ANDINA/Archive.

Photo: ANDINA/Archive.

14:22 | Lima, May 30 (ANDINA).

Peru's poverty rate has declined by three percentage points, from 30.8 percent in 2010 to 27.8 percent in 2011, which means that 790,000 people have been lifted out of poverty, the National Statistics Institute (INEI) announced on Wednesday.
However, Alejandro Vilchez, head of INEI, said that there are still 8.3 million people living in poverty, according to an INEI report on the evolution of poverty between 2007 and 2011.

Vilchez explained that the country's 6.9 percent economic growth, driven by an increase in private investment (14 percent), employment (1.4 percent) and per capita income, has contributed to the reduction of poverty during the period.

The report shows that there are no Peruvian departments with poverty rates above 57 percent.

In 2011, five Peruvian departments, including Apurimac, Cajamarca, Huancavelica, Huanuco and Ayacucho, have the highest poverty rates, ranging from 53 to 57 percent.

The incidence of poverty declined in greater proportion in the rural areas, dropping from 61 percent in 2010 to 56.1 percent in 2011, which represents 4.9 percentage points; while in urban areas, there was a decrease of two points from 20 to 18 percent.


Publicado: 30/5/2012